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fibre broadband


No, Total Wireless uses next generation wireless technology. In fact, you can save money by getting rid of your ‘landline’ and signing up for a VoIP service like Blueface or Goldfish – and still keep your landline number!

Its roll out could be months or even years away – even then, it will have a limited radius from the local fibre termination cabinet of 1500 m, in practice this is likely to be less. If you go with Total Wireless, you will have high speed internet now, and should you wish to change in the future, you are not locked in to a long contract with us.

Our most popular package contract is only for one month at a time, so you are not locked in for a year or more as with many other providers.

There are no extra charges on data usage, we have a fair usage policy, which even with heavy net browsing and watching Netflix movies every day you are not likely to breach – even if you were to invoke it, we would only warn you, we will never impose an extra charge.

No, Total Wireless uses a network of land based repeaters or ‘nodes’, located on high sites or near to clusters of customers.




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Firstly, if you have several computers, laptops, tablets or smart phones, check to see if the problem exists on all devices.

If it is only happening with a particular device, try turning it off and on again, i.e. ‘rebooting’ the device or computer.

Speed tests over Wi-Fi are often not accurate. To do a speed test correctly use a direct ‘ethernet’ cable connection to laptop or PC, making sure all other devices are off, and that it is virus and malware free and any updates are complete.

If the problem is with all your devices, and has been on-going for more than a few minutes, it may be worth powering down the internet antenna power unit and the Wi-Fi router, leave it for at least 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. The ideal order to re-power is the antenna power unit first, followed by the Wi-Fi router. Do NOT press the ‘reset’ button on the router back panel, as it will wipe out the installed settings (and may incur a service charge for a call out)!

This should not need to be done very often at all, at most once every few months. If you find that you have to do it on an almost daily basis, you should contact our technical support by email, or telephone 051 582150 during normal office hours (9am-5pm Monday to Friday) – please have your customer number to hand.

For Windows PC’s we recommend that a housekeeping program called CCleaner is run on a daily basis. We also recommend downloading a program called Malwarebytes free, (Android users – get it from GooglePlay) and running at least once a week and also before entering sensitive data such as credit card information into a website. Never click on links that claim to speed up your internet or check for problems with your PC!
Many websites that offer free sports TV programmes are responsible for infecting your PC with viruses and malware, so if something looks too good to be true, it probably is!

Make sure that no one has installed or is running ‘peer to peer’ or ‘torrent’ file sharing programmes – these often hog all available internet capacity and will breach our ‘fair usage policy T&C’s. Note that many ‘Smart’ TV set top boxes of the type that don’t use a satellite dish, use ‘torrents’ to show films still in the cinema – these are likely to also breach our T&C’s and may expose you to infection or worse – if in doubt, contact us!

The internet equipment should ideally not be switched off regularly or for long periods, as this could eventually damage the equipment, and incur a service charge.